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Wooden Crate Shelf

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The summer is officially over and since our move from New Jersey a few months ago,  we find ourselves still working on our new apartment in the DC area. We’ve settled in for the most part, but I never realized how much stuff we have accumulated over the years…books, clothes, appliances, furniture, and an incredible amount of picture frames. Moving from a house to an apartment, storage has become a huge issue. Decorating our new smaller space is a challenge and trying to find an affordable organizing unit that we like can be quite a task.

Looking through many of our favorite craft and DIY blogs, I saw great ideas using leftover wooden crates. Since we seem to collect a lot of books (and I mean stacks and stacks of books), why not make a book shelf to hang on the wall? The project looked easy, so it seemed like the perfect project for this weekend. Alberto wasn’t completely sold on the crate idea because we are starting to go for more simple and clean lines in our furnishings. The crate was a little on the rustic side, but I convinced him that I could make it look very modern by making the shelves look like they’re floating. (Famous last words. Never kid a kidder…) Read more →


Teaspoon Shower Curtain Hangers

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We had some down time this weekend to do some late Spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is always a little nostalgic for us because I remember all of the things that we’ve done together. This weekend was no exception. As we were going through the closets and old boxes, we found some old teaspoons that we used when we were living in our apartment in Manhattan. (I’m not sure how they traveled with us all of this time, but I guess we need to go through our boxes more carefully the next time that we move!) Read more →


Blueberry Gin and Tonic

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We’ve been spending most of the weekend cleaning the house and fixing things that needed our attention now that Spring is here. With so many things to do we didn’t have time to come up with a new drink. Instead, we just gave an old favorite a twist. We made a Blueberry Gin and Tonic using just a dash of tart blueberry juice. It turned out to be just the right cocktail for the busy weekend! Here is the recipe: Read more →


Banana Cream Cocktail

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Ever since our friends at The Communal Pantry posted their amazing recipe for Banana Cream Pie earlier this week, we’ve been craving it. We even went out looking for it (we’re not big on making dessert at home.) Luckily, we didn’t find any. But with the crave still in us, we decided to do the next best thing…come up with a cocktail that would taste just like it. Now, it’s certainly not as good as the pie would be, but it has all the deliciousness the dessert does…and we can definitely have a second helping without the guilt and all of the pleasure! Here’s the recipe: Read more →


Glass Tile House Numbers

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Alberto and I had the house painted a few years ago, so before painting began we had to remove our house numbers. Unfortunately, we lost them and never got to replace them. After years of searching, we decided to take matters into our own hands and headed to Home Depot to see if they had the right kind of glass tile to make new numbers. We immediately came across the perfect tiles, a coppery brown and a really great ivory. All that was left to do was draw them out and grout them…they came out very pretty and so unique that they  definitely enhance our porch! Read more →


Coca-Cola T-Shirt Serving Tray

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Everyone has a favorite piece of old clothing that they just can’t bare to part with. I adopted one of Alberto’s. His navy Coca-Cola t-shirt was my favorite because it was so comfy. It had been worn for so long that it was all soft and light. But after so many years, the holes were getting a little large, and I couldn’t repair it because the thread would only rip more of the fabric. When the hole under one of the arms became so large that it exposed most of my side, Alberto had enough. He wouldn’t allow me to wear it any longer, but I still couldn’t part with it. Then this weekend, we were planning to make a tray using some of the old fabric from past projects, and then I got this great idea . . . why not use the t-shirt?! We could preserve it for memories sake, and turn it into something useful and fun. It turned out great! Read more →


Key Lime Pie Margarita

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It’s the day before the NEW JERSEY Giants play on Super Bowl XLVI and we’re trying to finish up this week’s project today so that we don’t miss a single second of the game tomorrow. We were craving something sweet and tart, so we decided to do a very unusual experiment with our cocktail this week…use yogurt instead of one of the traditional mixers. We were a little afraid because we didn’t know how the yogurt would hold up to the tequila, but the flavor that we picked was perfect. The drink was every bit as delicious as a real Key Lime Pie, but also very light and smooth. Here’s the recipe: Read more →


Bamboo Rug Headboard

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It feels like we’ve been searching for a headboard for a very, very long time. We have never found anything that we liked, wanted, or was affordable. The perfect choice was, literally, under our feet. Alberto realized that an old bamboo rug would be the perfect material to make the headboard! It’s a beautiful rug, but we no longer had a place for it in the house.

Making the board was actually really very easy. We just needed to cut out the rug, attach it to plywood, and frame it with 1″x 2″s. We also decided to hang it on the wall instead of attaching it to the bed. It turned out even better than we thought it would! We added a few framed prints above the headboard to finish off the look, and now the bedroom is finally coming together! Read more →


Whiskey Sour

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There’s a lot going on today…our project, the NFL playoffs (Sorry, Tebow!), the Golden Globes, and Downton Abbey later tonight. We hardly had any time to come up with a cocktail idea. So we decided to have one of our favorite classic cocktails, the Whiskey Sour. To be honest our version uses Kentucky Whiskey, better known as Bourbon. Instead of sour mix, we use lemon juice and a couple of packs of Splenda to cut on the calories. The result is a delicious drink that is the perfect companion to a cold Sunday afternoon. Enjoy! Read more →


Wood Shingle Accent Mirror

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Alberto and I really loved how the Wood Shingle Christmas Tree came out, and we wanted to do something else with the leftover shingles. We thought of the mirror set that we got last Spring (which we used to make the Sunburst Mirror in June) and decided to make another decorative mirror for the house.

As we started shingling the plywood, it started looking even better than we’d hoped! Consequently, it became more and more difficult to decide where in the house we would place the mirror…the dining room, family room, the bedrooms? It looked amazing in each room, but once we stained it, there was no question where it would go. We had the perfect place in the dining room, and it will be one of the first things people see when they walk into the room…perfect! Read more →


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