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Glass Tile House Numbers

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Alberto and I had the house painted a few years ago, so before painting began we had to remove our house numbers. Unfortunately, we lost them and never got to replace them. After years of searching, we decided to take matters into our own hands and headed to Home Depot to see if they had the right kind of glass tile to make new numbers. We immediately came across the perfect tiles, a coppery brown and a really great ivory. All that was left to do was draw them out and grout them…they came out very pretty and so unique that they  definitely enhance our porch! Read more →


Bedroom Accent Chair

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We keep talking about that garage sale adventure that we went on a couple of months ago and the great pieces that we bought that day. One of the things that we found was a very pretty cane bottom chair. The problem was that the cane bottom was completely damaged. We weren’t exactly sure how we would fix it, but for $5 (!) you just can’t pass up that kind of opportunity! Read more →


Christmas Napkin Holders (and Ornaments!)

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With our family here from North Carolina, we’ve been surrounded by family, which is always wonderful.  During the down time, I can’t help but wonder how crazy they must think we are with our Christmas decorations. I thought of this while I was looking at our tree in the dining room.  We have two silver ornaments of an A and B (for Alberto and Brent).  It made me smile because we made those ornaments years ago, for our second year in our first house. Here’s how we came up with them…  Read more →


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