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Magnetic Chalkboard Door

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Like many families, our fridge has become the main pin board of the house. We keep family pictures, greeting cards, business cards, calendars, reminder notes, and tons of other random items on it. It’s been great to have everything in a central place because it’s so easily accessible. However, it’s also very messy and cluttered. So finally last weekend we decided to organize all that stuff into a new area…a door adjacent to the kitchen. We primed the door with magnetic paint (to still pin and not damage the wood) and then painted it over with chalkboard so that we could write our notes right on the door instead of having scraps of paper everywhere. It was a great idea, and so simple! Read more →


Spider Web Halloween Wreath

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A few weekends ago, while trying to figure out what kind of Halloween decorations we wanted to do this year, Alberto and I came across a ball of paper twine at the local dollar store. The ball was weaved into a pattern that we really liked and we immediately thought…the perfect material for a cobweb wreath! (sorry…this is very normal for us) Read more →


From Garden to Table

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After such a terrible winter, we were very worried that some of our bushes were going to be too damaged to come back this year. Fortunately, we have some very hardy ones! Every year we prune them to help the growth, but it seemed a shame to throw out their beautiful leaves. So Alberto brought in some of the clippings, and now we have a couple of bright spring arrangements for the house. Read more →


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