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Wings Over The Prairie Festival

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We spent our Thanksgiving holiday with Brent’s family in Stuttgart, Arkansas and it was really AWESOME (f0r a Jersey guy like me, that is). The Thanksgiving holiday week is actually a huge deal for the town of Stuttgart, also known as “The Rice Capital of the World” (I like to say it in a Celine Dion accent and Brent gets very annoyed, so I do it as often as I can). Read more →


St. Arnold’s Belgian Mussels and Delirium Beer

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Our craft projects are always a good excuse to have a cocktail on the weekends, but we often also find ourselves making time to have one while out of town. It allows us to explore the city we’re visiting and experience the local grub. No fancy places for us, we like our places very local and down-to-earth.

One of these occasions happened recently. While on a quick outing to DC, we stumbled upon one of the best pubs we’ve been to in a long time, St. Arnold’s Mussel Bar on Jefferson Place. The food is amazing, featuring many types of mussel recipes and other hardy fare. But the real treat (apart from the local scene and cast of characters) was the huge selection of Belgian beers. We’re not big beer drinkers, but there’s something about Belgian beer that we cannot resist, especially if they have Delirium on tap. Delirium is a very strong pale that is not for the faint of heart. It’s also the perfect companion to the St. Arnold’s Mussels, an original recipe that is made from beer, garlic and duck fat…heavens!

This break became a memorable meal very fast and we can’t wait to go back!


Cajun Queen’s Planters Punch

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We’re in Charlotte this weekend! Between visiting Alberto’s family and dropping by antique stores (so predictable, I know), we always find time to visit one of our favorite restaurants in the city…Cajun Queen! The place is amazing, the food incredible and the atmosphere really fun, just like a little bit of New Orleans in Charlotte. We’ve been big fans of their Planters Punch since our first visit. The drink does not only remind us of our time in Fire Island (High Tea, anyone?), but also brings back really crazy memories of Bourbon Street. The drink is a combination of light and dark rums with a splash of fruit juice and grenadine…try it, with a lot of caution!


Our Maine Vacation

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We went to Maine for vacation this past week…here are some pictures. Enjoy! Read more →


Memories of Spain

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We just returned from a fantastic trip to Madrid and Barcelona and wanted to share a few memories from our trip…enjoy!

Plaza Mayor — Loaded with tons of shops and restaurants, this was our first stop once we got to the city. It was the perfect spot to begin our trip! Read more →


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