Rubber Ducky Easter Wreath

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Rubber Ducky Wreath

Easter is next week, and we wanted to make a wreath that would also be fun, colorful and festive to decorate our front door. As we were walking through the aisles of Michaels, Alberto spotted a bag of yellow rubber duckies. Knowing he doesn’t tend to take bubble baths, I knew something had to be up. He then proceeded to pick up a foam wreath base, and I immediately saw the light bulb! My only thought was that it was going to be difficult to cover that base without A LOT of rubber duckies. Then we saw the half round globe, and the idea was born. We’d just cover the globe, add tulle around the edges, and make a rubber ducky flower! Perfect for Easter?!

Here’s what we used to make the wreath:

  • Foam half round
  • Yellow duct tape
  • Orange tulle
  • Flat wreath base
  • Two bags of rubber duckies

This is what we needed to put it together:

  • Glue gun
  • Pins

Let’s make a Rubber Ducky Easter Wreath!

To start, I needed to make sure that the rubber duckies could be glued to the base, and know how the glue gun hates foam, we decided to wrap the half round with the duct tape. Nothing gets easier than that, and the yellow will blend in between the spaces of the duckies. Then starting in the middle of the half ball, I glued the duckies in a random pattern working my way out to the outside of the half round. I like having the duckies at random because it makes them look like they’re all running into each other. CUTE!!

Once I’d covered the half round, I grabbed the flat wreath base and covered it with duct tape as well (even the center so that it looked like a big yellow plate). You just have to love a project with duct tape, but how do we get the half round to stick to the flat wreath base? When all else fails, the glue gun comes to the rescue. You can rule the world with enough glue guns and duct tape! I secured the two together by sticking pins through the back into the half round.

Cocktail Break!

Alberto came up with a great idea for a seasonal cocktail called the Funny Bunny, and there’s a reason why the bunny is so funny once you see the recipe!

Let’s get loopy!

Finally on to the tulle . . . This is where you can really have fun. I will give you some advice at this point. When you’re picking out tulle, try to stay away from tulle with glitter, or you’ll end up looking like a pixie for days (unless you like that sort of thing). I swore I ‘d never touch the stuff, but sometimes it just looks to good to pass up! So starting on the edge between the half round and the wreath base, pin the end of the tulle in place. Continuing around the base, make small loops with the tulle and pin in place every inch or so. Go around the base several times pinning ever larger loops in front of the previous loops until your daisy looks like you want it to.

This wreath came out so adorable that I don’t even mind the glitter! It’s perfect for the season!


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