Corky Christmas Ornaments!

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I hate throwing away the corks from wine and champagne bottles in hopes that we’ll end up doing something with them. But we never do. Alberto is beginning to question my cork hoarding obsession. Just before he was ready to throw them out, I came up with the idea to make Christmas ornaments! Since we’re visiting our nieces and nephews for the holidays, why not make them with the kids? We left the knife cutting to the adults, but the kids can do everything else. It’s going to be our new holiday tradition!

Here’s what we used to make the ornaments:

  • Wine corks and one champagne cork
  • Floral wire
  • Gold metallic and colorful acryllic paints
  • Aluminum foil
  • Pins
  • Ribbon

This is what we needed to put it together:

  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Serrated knife
  • Small paint brushes

Let’s make some ornaments!

First the star . . . I cut one of the wine corks in half with the knife. Then taking 1/2-inch pieces of the wire, I inserted half of the wire into the end of another wine cork with the pliers. Finally I take the other end of the wire, and insert it into the side of the half cork. Repeat this with four more corks going around the half cork . . . and your star has been formed. Now let the kids have at it with the paints. They chose gold metallic paint for the star with red polka dots!

Next the tree . . . I cut another wine cork in half: one half will be the trunk and the other will be the star. Let the kids paint the halves while you prepare the next part. We wanted a shiny tree, so we wrapped 6 wine corks in aluminum foil. Then taking 1/2-inch pieces of wire, I stuck the wire in the middle of one of the corks, and then I stuck the other end in the middle of a second cork. I continued this through the next several corks to create a pyramid. I put the trunk in the middle of the bottom of the pyramid, and I attached the star to the top. We finished it off by painting little green dots on either end of the foil wrapped corks.

Then the train engine . . . We cut one wine cork into fourths and one wine cork into halves. While the kids are painting the wheels (they chose bright blue!), we shaved one of the halves into a triangle to act as the smoke stack. Then we attached the unshaved half of the cork to the bottom of the champagne cork and the triangle half to the head of the champagne cork. And as before, hand over to the kids to paint. Once the paint is dry attach the wheels to the side of the champagne cork.

Cocktail Break!

We must have a cocktail break, but we were working with children. We wanted to include them, so we had a big, ice cold glass of MILK! It does a body good!

Hand it up!

Now we just need to attach a ribbon to the ornaments. I cut three pieces of ribbon about 6-inches long. Taking one piece, I tied it together at one end. Then I place a pin in the middle of the loop and stuck the pin into the top of one of the ornaments. I repeated the same procedure with the other two ornaments. These ornaments are so easy and so cute. It really is a lot of fun to include the whole family. Enjoy the holidays!


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  1. Susan says:

    Now that is adorable ideas. Have to start planning for grandkids!


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