Furtastic Pillows and Throw!

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Alberto and I were out Christmas shopping this weekend, and as usual, we couldn’t resist walking through a few furniture and décor stores to get some ideas for our new place. We came across some really beautiful faux fur throws and pillows. They looked and felt so luxurious — and for the price, they really should! We couldn’t justify buying them, but could we make them?

We completely stopped our shopping errands and headed to the fabric store to price faux fur fabric.

Well…it turns out that faux fur can be pricey. We were disappointed until we found ourselves in the remnant pile. They actually had great faux fur pieces for less than half the original price, and the pieces were large enough for making a couple of pillos and a throw. We decided to pick out one fur that would be perfect for a throw in our bedroom and another that would look great for bed accent pillows. The pillows will be the perfect Christmas gift! They’ll look like a million bucks without the price tag!

Here’s what we used to make the throw and pillows:

  • 1-1/2 yards of fur fabric for the throw and 1 yard of fur fabric for the pillows
  • 1-1/2 yards of fabric for the backing of the throw
  • 20-inch square pillow inserts

This is what we needed to put it together:

  • Sewing machine
  • A sheet of newspaper
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors and tape measure

Let’s make a throw and some pillows!

Since the fabric remnant was already cut for us, half the work is done. I placed the backing fabric on top of the fur face down, and pinned it in place. You should pin it often (every inch or so), and pin it so that the pins are perpendicular to the fabric edge. Using the fur as a template, I cut the backing to size. After the backing was cut, I simply sewed the two pieces together leaving a 1-foot gap on one side to turn the throw inside out. I then turned the throw inside out and hand-stitched the opening closed.

While I have the sewing machine out, I might as well make the pillows. These will make great gifts for Christmas! I measured a 19-inch x 19-inch square on the newspaper and cut it out. This will act as our pattern for the pillows. (The pillows will be 18-inch square, so the added inch is for the seam.) I then pinned the pattern to the fur, and cut it out. After cutting the fur, I took it outside and shook it out. This is important because the fur will shed a little from being cut, and this step will help keep you from seeing little bits of fur all over the house. Repeat this last step three more times for the other pieces.

Place two fur squares together with the fur on the inside, and pin in place. Once again, you should pin often and perpendicular. After the pieces are pinned, I sewed the two together leaving a six-inch gap to turn it inside out. Repeat for the other pillow case.

Cocktail Break!

This project is going by so quickly that we’ll be having our cocktails while wrapping our gifts, and Alberto came up with a great season inspired drink, the Peppermint Martini! It really put us in the spirit of the season!

Stuff it!

To finish up the pillow, I simply stuffed the inserts into the cases and hand-stitched the gap closed. These are such cute pillows that we may need to go buy more fur so that we can have a set of our own. Now to start wrapping the gifts!


3 Responses to Furtastic Pillows and Throw!

  1. Susan says:

    I love that fabric…I’ve been seeing these around also and will need to check remnants..that honestly didn’t occur to me.

    What prompted the move to the big city? I missed that post!

    • ourcraftyhome
      ourcraftyhome says:

      Hey Susan! Glad you like the fabric, and definitely check out the remnant pile. It’s so worth it.

      We moved to DC in July, but we didn’t do a post. The move wasn’t all that crafty. :)

      • Susan says:

        What? There wasn’t a crafty move? Dude, you are falling down on the job. I expected you to build the boxes ;D

        Glad you are getting settled.


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