Quick and Easy Bench Makeover

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Our new apartment is great, but we never seem to have enough seating. It always feels awkward when we have guests and we’re all sitting on the same sofa next to each other or sitting around the rug (which is becoming more uncomfortable the older we get). We were struggling with how to add additional seating without spending too much money when our Peke Barney (during one of his manic episodes) ran into an unused bench in the corner. (Don’t worry, he’s fine. He only hit it with his head!)

Why didn’t we think of that bench? We had already recovered the bench in the past (twice, really — see links below)

Tufted Bench

All we really needed to do was find fabric that matched our new décor, and use it as additional seating in the living room. The new bench is perfect for the room and it doesn’t take up too much visual space when it’s just the two of us and the dogs. This is one of our tried and true projects because we only need to buy a little fabric to have a new piece of furniture!

Here’s what we used to make the bench:

  • 1-1/2 yards of fabric
  • 2-feet x 4-feet of 2-inch foam
  • Batting
  • 2-feet x 4-feet of MDF board

This is what we needed to put it together:

  • Staple gun with ¼-inch staples
  • Electric carving knife
  • Scissors and a black magic marker

Let’s make some seating!

We had the hardware store cut the MDF to the size that we needed, which meant that the project was halfway done before we left the store. (Not to mention that we didn’t have to clean up the mess!) Once we got home, I put the foam flat on the floor, and put the MDF on top of it to trace the outline. I then removed the MDF, and used the carving knife to cut the foam. An electric carving knife works so well with cutting foam because it moves through the foam “like buttuh”!

Now to put together the cushion. I put the batting on the floor followed by the foam and the MDF. Starting at one end, I pulled the batting up over the foam and the MDF and placed a staple in the middle to hold the batting in place. Then on the opposite side, I did the same thing pulling the batting tight before placing the staple, and repeated these steps for the other two sides. Finally I went back around the MDF, and stapled the batting every several inches to hold it in place.

Cocktail Break!

We had quite a bit of orange juice leftover from a Thanksgiving recipe, and we weren’t sure what we were going to do with it . . . well, that is until it came time for a cocktail break. Alberto wanted to use some of the Maker’s Mark that we had, so he came up with the Bourbon Sunrise. This one’s so great that you’ll start buying a lot more OJ!

Cover it up!

Now that we have the cushion together, it’s time to add the fabric. We chose a geometric fabric which has positives and negatives with this type of project. The geometric pattern is helpful when trying to line up the fabric of the cushion, however you have to be careful because it will also show any slight changes in angles. I placed the fabric upside down on the floor, and put the cushion on top of it with the batting against the fabric. Working on one end, I folded the fabric over the side, and placed a staple in the middle to hold it in place. Then I repeated this step, pulling the fabric taut. It’s a good idea to turn the cushion over to determine if the fabric is in the place that you want it. I mention this because I put in a few more staples only to find out that the geometric pattern was at a slight angle, and I had to pull the staples back out. Once the fabric was lined up, I repeated this same process for the other two sides.

Next, I went around the sides, pulling the fabric tight and stapling in place. I always work in a crisscross pattern around the cushion to ensure that the fabric remains centered. I finish it off by making hospital corners. Once the fabric is in place, I cut off the excess and place it in the frame. This is such an easy project, and it adds a world of difference when you want to update a room. Now back to the Bourbon Sunrise!


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    I love the bench. I have several I collected over the years and they are so handy. The cats enjoy them as well especially when they are next to the window, thank you


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