Bamboo Rug Headboard

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It feels like we’ve been searching for a headboard for a very, very long time. We have never found anything that we liked, wanted, or was affordable. The perfect choice was, literally, under our feet. Alberto realized that an old bamboo rug would be the perfect material to make the headboard! It’s a beautiful rug, but we no longer had a place for it in the house.

Making the board was actually really very easy. We just needed to cut out the rug, attach it to plywood, and frame it with 1″x 2″s. We also decided to hang it on the wall instead of attaching it to the bed. It turned out even better than we thought it would! We added a few framed prints above the headboard to finish off the look, and now the bedroom is finally coming together!

Here’s what we used to make the headboard:

  • Four, six-foot long 1″x 2″s
  • An old bamboo rug — or any rug that you have.
  • One 3’x 5′ piece of plywood (Home Depot cut it to size for us.)
  • Black gloss spray paint

This is what we needed to put it together:

  • Box cutter
  • Jig saw
  • Router
  • Miter saw
  • Nail gun (or hammer and nails)
  • Staple gun
  • Screwdriver and screws

Let’s Make a Headboard!

  • Start by cutting the rug to size. In our case, we’re making a 3’x5′ headboard, so we’re cutting the length to be 5 1/2′ wide. We wanted the bamboo slats to be vertical on the headboard, so that determined which way we did the cuts.
  • Next, on a set of sawhorses, place the rug face down and place the plywood on top of the rug so that the 5-foot length spreads across the rug and fold the ends over the plywood. Fold under the plywood and staple it a couple times to secure the rug to the plywood.

  • Now to make the cuts to the width of 3 feet, use a jig saw, cut the top and bottom of the rug. Use the plywood as a guide.
  • Turn the rug over and staple the edges to hold it in place. Make sure that the staple is no more than and 1/8-inch from the edge so that the frame will cover it. Set it aside.


  • Cut two of the 1″x 2″ into 3′ 6″ long and save the scraps for later. We’ll use these to frame the sides of the headboard and the scraps to hang the headboard.
  • Using the router, cut the 1×2’s used for framing (the two 6′ and the two 3 1/2′) so that they have a 1/4-inch lip.
  • Paint the routed 1″x2″ strips and let them dry.

It’s all in the details!

  • Take one of the routed 3 1/2′ pieces and cut a 45-degree angle on one end. Be sure that the angles cut out from the lip. You want the lip to be the shortest side so that it slightly covers the edges of the rug.
  • Next, measure one of the shorter sides of the rug, and mark the 1″x 2″ measuring from the inside of the routed edge.
  • Cut the 1×2 ensuring that the lip is the shortest side and nail it in in place. Repeat these steps around the headboard. Take all measurements from the preceding 1″ x 2″ edge to the opposite corner.
  • Once you’ve finished framing, touch up any corners with paint as needed.
  • Now, take the leftover 1″ x 2″ and cut them into eight 3″ pieces. We’ll use these to attach the headboard to the wall.

Cocktail Break!

Alberto’s been on a bit of a Mexican kick for the past couple of weekends and made his amazing and easy Guacamole. We normally have guacamole every month or so, but he’s made it twice in the last two weekends! So naturally he decided to make a margarita to go along with it. This weekend’s cocktail, the Pink Grapefruit Margarita, is a little too delicious. It’s sweet with just a touch of tartness!

Hang It Up!

  • Decide where you want the headboard to hang, and place a mark in the middle of the wall.
  • To attach the board, start by placing one of the 1″x2″ on the back of the headboard n the top left corner, and screw into place on the wall. Do the same thing for the other side. Attach two more 1″x 2″ pieces in the bottom two corners about 2 1/2″ from the bottom of where you want the top headboard to be on the wall.
  • Next, measure 2 x 6″ on either side of the mark. These will define the outside edges of the 1×2’s that will be attached to the wall. Place a 1″x 2″ piece 2-inches below the height that you want the headboard, and screw into place. Make sure the outside edge of the 1×2 is inside the mark that you made earlier. Repeat on the other side of the middle mark.
  • Put the headboard in place by setting the 1″x 2″ on the headboard on top of the 1×2’s on the wall.
  • While the headboard is in place, make a mark on the wall below the bottom 1″x 2″ on the headboard. This will mark where the second set of supports will be.
  • Remove the headboard and attach the last set of 1″x 2″s to the wall. Put the headboard back in place, and screw the 1×2’s together to secure the headboard to the wall.

This has completely changed the room…it’s the perfect complement to the bedding and it adds to the character of the room!

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3 Responses to Bamboo Rug Headboard

  1. Susan Bush says:

    Turned out really nice ….But it looks a little like something you find in a hotel…..great if you like that look …..Maybe if it was a little lower and the pictures weren’t in a row …but this is me talking , what do I know…… the rest of the room….As long as you love it thats what counts…..Enjoy….

  2. Jennie Duncan says:

    Very interesting look with the new headboard. You said it was a rug, correct? From the way it looks to me, it doesn’t appear to be a soft, fabric rug, more like an actual wooden rug. Am I right? I see you changed up the look of your website. I like it a lot! New look for a New Year! I don’t know if I got a chance to wish you both a Happy New Year at the appropriate time, so belated Happy New Year!

  3. Traci says:

    Very cool idea to hang it!

    It reminds me of something I saw for sale in a great consignment shop…they were selling these “cushion-like” things that were covered in a nice, linen fabric that had tab tops that actually hung from a curtain rod, where the bed’s headboard would be.

    I thought it was a great alternative to installing a headboard to your frame – just like your idea!

    Thanks for sharing!


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