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We found a great little table at a local yard sale a few months back. Someone had converted it into a futon by putting a cushion on it. Alberto saw it, and immediately came up with an idea. We could glam it up by adding a mirror to the top and transform it back into a side table for the living room!

Of course, we decided to paint the base, but we weren’t quite sure how we wanted it to look. After polishing the brass feet, it made sense to continue on with the theme, and paint the table a combination of gold and silver. It turned out to be an adorable little table, and it looks GREAT!

Here’s what we used to make the table:

  • Old side table
  • Mirror (We took the table to a glass shop, and they cut it to size.)
  • Gold and silver metallic spray paint

This is what we needed to put it together:

  • Brass polish
  • Painters tape

Let’s make a Side Table!


  • Polish the brass feet to remove the tarnish. This table was old, so I had to polish it a few times.
  • After polishing, tape the feet for painting the rest of the table. Be sure all of the brass is covered so that paint doesn’t leak into the newly polished feet
  • Spray paint the entire table nickel. Let dry and apply several coats.

Cocktail Break!

While I was working on the table, Alberto was doing a little Fall cleaning. (Interesting that he decided to start on the liquor cabinet . . .) He found several partially full bottles that we purchased for some event or another, and decided to “clean out” the cabinet. (Hate having pesky partially filled bottles of liquor.) Alberto came up with the Spiced Pineapple Punch that is delicious, and a little bit dangerous!

Top it off!

  • Spray the gold paint on the bottom of the legs, and pull away from the table as you move toward the top of the table.
  • To even out the color on the top of the table, you may have to lightly spray the silver paint over the whole table.
  • Continue alternating the colors until you have a good fade from the gold at the bottom of the legs to the silver at the top of the table.
  • We finished the table by placing the the mirror on top.

This table adds big glam to our living room, and we love it! Now, we’re off to do a little more Fall cleaning of the liquor cabinet…


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  1. Joyce England says:

    love how you manage cocktail time with your projects.Good multitasking.


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