Spider Web Halloween Wreath

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A few weekends ago, while trying to figure out what kind of Halloween decorations we wanted to do this year, Alberto and I came across a ball of paper twine at the local dollar store. The ball was weaved into a pattern that we really liked and we immediately thought…the perfect material for a cobweb wreath! (sorry…this is very normal for us)

We used the twine to “weave” a spider web, and an old tennis ball to make a spider. It’s perfectly scary for the front door!

Here’s what we used to make the wreath:

  • Paper twine
  • Stiffy fabric stiffener
  • Tennis ball
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Wire hanger
  • 2-foot x 2-foot piece of scrap plywood and nails
  • Paint brush
  • Black and orange spray paint

This is what we needed to put it together:

  • Metal bowl
  • Hammer
  • Serrated knife
  • Drill

Let’s make a Cobweb Wreath!


  • Start by placing a nail in the center of the plywood.
  • Next, loop one end of twine around the nail, and create another loop in the twine 11-inches from the nail. Place a pencil in the second loop, and pulling the twine taught, draw a circle on the plywood.
  • Draw another smaller circle on the plywood that will represent the hole of the spider web.
  • The next part is a little tedious…using a hammer, drive nails all around the outside circle about 1/2-inch apart.


  • Before starting to weave the twine around the circle, place the metal bowl in the center of the larger circle and start threading the twine by making crisscross patterns. Be sure that you don’t go over the smaller circle. Continue threading the twine until the web is filled out.


  • Next using a paint brush, paint the entire twine with the Stiffy and let dry (about 1 hour).
  • Once the twine web is dry, remove the nails and lift the cobweb off of the plywood (It may stick to the wood, just ply it up with a silicon spatula to avoid damaging the twine.)
  • Now spray paint the cobweb black and let it dry.

Creepy Crawly!


  • To make the spider, cut the tennis ball in half and spray paint both halves orange.
  • Once the two halves are dry, drill two holes on one side of each half, and attach the two halves together with a pipe cleaner.


  • Take three pipe cleaners, and twist them together to give them a little more volume. Repeat for all eight legs.
  • Drill two more holes on each side of the halves for the legs.

  • Using the hanger like a needle, press the hanger up through the holes on the tennis ball, and pull one pipe cleaner leg through. Repeat this step with the other legs.

Cocktail Break!

We took the dogs apple picking, and they had a blast. It also helped us because they were exhausted by the time that we got home! We always get so many apples that we don’t know what to do with all of them. Luckily Alberto took this opportunity to be inventive with this week’s cocktail. He took some apples, and juiced them to make a cider. Then he added several more ingredients to make a Spiced Apple Manhattan. It was the perfect drink companion to a great fall project!

Will You Walk Into My Parlour? – Said the Spider to the Fly!

  • Twisting a few pipe cleaners into place, attach the spider on the large open area of the web opposite the hole.
  • Finally, bend the legs in half at a sharp angle to mold them and attach the feet of the spider to the web.

Now hang this really creepy cobweb on the door, and wait for the ghoulish fun!


5 Responses to Spider Web Halloween Wreath

  1. cate says:

    you guys just amaze me! I am blown away by your creativity! can’t wait until my mind is clear
    of chemotherapy and can do some of these things myself again! thanks for brightening my days.

  2. joyce says:

    Cate i was haveing a pitty party for me when i read your reply to “Our crafty home”.I lost my bestest friend five years ago to a four year battle againest The big “C”.Hope you are better soon .It can be beaten.I need to get up from here and do something even if it,s wrong.Thanks for the push.JOYCE


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