Lemon Beer Cocktail

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This is the big Oktoberfest weekend in Munich, Germany, and we wish we could be there to enjoy the revelry. But since we’re not, we decided to bring a little bit of that spirit to New Jersey, with a caveat…

We’re really not big beer drinkers, so when we decide to have one, we like to enhance the flavor (yeah, I know, the horror) with a shot of a complementary liqueur. Today’s cocktail break does just that, blending a great white beer with a shot of Limoncello. All you need to do is drop a shot of the lemon liqueur into the beer and enjoy one of the best beer cocktails ever! Prost!


2 Responses to Lemon Beer Cocktail

  1. Cheenna says:

    What a niffty idea … I will have to try this … sounds yummy!

  2. Cheenna says:

    Should have said … I’ll give it a ‘shot’! LOL


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