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Yes, it’s still summer, but for many of our friends it’s also time to go  BACK TO SCHOOL! We don’t have kids (yet!) but the daughter of a friend is a fan of our site and asked us to make her a bag for school. We MELTED and started thinking of how we can make a bag for her…and we thought of her old cargo shorts. Why not, right?! It has pockets, and it’s totally free. We used one of her old cargo shorts to make the bag. And we also used one of our old belts for the strap.  The bag came out very cute, and it only took less than two hours! This is a great project, and you can do it for anyone going back to school!

Here’s what we used to make the book bag:

  • Cargo shorts
  • D-ring belt

This is what we needed to put it together:

  • Sewing machine

Let’s Make a Book Bag!


  • Cutting along the inseam, separate the interior seam of the shorts and fold the shorts in half putting the two sides together.
  • Following the side seam, draw a chalk line down to the bottom of the shorts.
  • Next, curve the line toward the center about 3-inches from the bottom and sew the legs together following the chalk line. We want to add a little interest, so we curved the corners.


  • Sew the bottom together and secure it.
  • Now, fold the shorts in half, and place the opening end of the zipper at the end right under the waist band. Sew one side of the zipper in place.
  • To sew the zipper, keep it open and sew the second half of the zipper in place.

Cocktail Break!

This is one of those great projects that doesn’t take much time. If it doesn’t take much time, then we’re that much closer to the cocktail break! This weekend we went for a tried and true brunch favorite. The Bloody Mary! It has just the right spice, and of course, Alberto was able to shave off a few calories! Here’s the recipe!

Shoulder up!

  • To finish the bag, place the end of the belt right below the place where the fabric curves, and sew it in place.
  • Sew the belt to the bag up the middle to the edge of the shorts and secure the belt under the edge of the shorts by sewing across the belt. Repeat for the other side.

I was sure that this project would turn out like shorts with a belt, but it turned out VERY cute! We can’t believe how the shorts were transformed. What’s even better is that it was free, but it was also a priceless bag. Now let’s relax and get ready for the fall season!


5 Responses to Cargo Shorts Book Bag

  1. Val and Chet says:

    Val and l agree y’all should have MORE Cocktail Breaks, ROFLOAO!!!

  2. Jennie Duncan says:

    What a cute idea! You can even use the metal rings on the belt to hold keys. Priceless indeed! Not only because it was made for a friend’s daughter, which she’ll cherish forever! Also, because it was a pair of her own shorts! What can be better than that!

  3. linda kelley says:

    you did , knew you could ! bag looks good, keep up the good work ! love your ideas . especially the silver wreath . i’ve got a great idea for old keys, will pass it along if you want it. lk

  4. Judy says:

    Very cute idea.

  5. Fern says:

    It looks great! You guys know Anne needs a bag for her school! ( Hint Hint)


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