Summer Party Wreath

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On our recent visit to Spain, we saw a lot of design ideas while shopping through home and interior design shops. One shop in particular had a mirror that really inspired us. We loved the circular diamond lattice design, but it was very expensive and we didn’t really want to deal with bringing it back home. On closer inspection, I told Alberto that I could make that easily. (Famous last words!) We weren’t sure how we would use the design, but we knew that we wanted to find a place for it somewhere in our home.

Now, the perfect opportunity has come up! We’re having friends over during the long holiday weekend and since summer is upon us, we thought that this might be a perfect opportunity to try our hand at making this design. However, our project wouldn’t be for a mirror, we’re planning on making a wreath!

Here’s what we used to make the wreath:

  • 2 large piece of poster board (22-inch x 30-inch)
  • Bobby pins
  • 3 6-inch wooden floral circles
  • Fabric or ribbon
  • Satin spray paint

This is what we needed to put it together:

  • Staple gun
  • Exacto knife or box cutter
  • Glue
  • Yard stick and pencil/pen

Let’s Make A Wreath!

  • Glue two of the 6-inch floral circles together and let dry.
  • Next, cut both pieces of poster board in half along the length of the poster board to create pieces 22-inches x 15-inches.
  • Measure along the 22-inch side and make marks every 1 1/2 inch across, and repeat on the other end. Ultimately your trying to make strips 1 1/2-inch wide and 15-inches tall.
  • Draw a line on each of the marks and cut out the strips using a box cutter. Be sure that you place the poster board on top of an old piece of wood so that you don’t accidentally cut your table or floor.
  • On each of the strips starting at one end, place a mark 1/2-inch from the end. Continue adding marks by adding 1/2-inch to the last measurement and placing a new mark that distance away from the first mark. For example, the first mark is at 1/2-inch, so the next mark should be 1-inch away from that mark, and the next mark should be 1 1/2-inches away from the second mark. (Remember that the diameter of the circle increases the farther out that you go, so you have to allow for that distance.) Add marks to all of the strips.

Play it, like an accordion!


  • Fold each of the strips at the marks in an accordion pattern. Then, take one strip at the 1/2-inch end, and staple it to the side of the 2 6-inch floral circles that have been glued together. Be sure that the strip is flush with the front of the circles.


  • Take a second strip at the 1/2-inch end, and place the bent side flush against the first strips bent side so that their accordions go in opposite directions and staple in place. Continue stapling the strips to the circle alternating the accordian patterns. I placed the 1/2-inch piece end to end with each new coupling.


  • Once you’ve finished with all of the strips, start connecting the bends in the accordions together by placing a bobby pin to secure the two together. Alberto and I did this in a matter of minutes. The diamond pattern design really starts to come into view at this point.

  • Once you’ve placed all of the bobby pins in place, paint the wreath and let it dry. Apply at least two coats, front and back.

Cocktail Break!

With summer coming, it reminded Alberto of one of our favorite drinks, the Bellini. We let it go a few years ago because we just didn’t need the calories. Luckily Alberto had a brilliant idea when he saw a can of peaches in light syrup, and the result was delicious! So now I can sit back and have a Bellini. I never thought I’d say this, but I really LOVE watching paint dry!!

Finishing up!


  • Cut a strip of fabric about 2- to 3-inches wide. (If you’re using ribbon, you can skip this step.)
  • Next, attach the fabric on one side of the circle with the staple gun.
  • Wrap the circle with fabric. I folded over the sides so that the ragged cut fabric would not show.
  • Once the circle has been covered, attach the end with the staple gun.
  • On the front of the wreath, place glue on the top circle in the middle and place the fabric wrapped circle on top.

Let dry and you have a bright, unique, and festive conversation piece for any party! We really love this lattice design, and I’m sure that it will provide much inspiration for future projects. I can’t wait for our friends to see it! Speaking of parties, where is my next Bellini?


4 Responses to Summer Party Wreath

  1. Judy says:

    Love the wreath. Very bright , fresh and summery. Perfect for a fun holiday.

  2. Kathy Donahue Nystrom says:

    Absolutely making this wreath for my guest bedroom and maybe even a white Winter one for the front door…. good job!

  3. Debi says:

    Question, I love the look but are you leaving the bobby pins in to keep it off the wall? can you not tell they are in there once painted? lovely job! wonder if you could just use toilet paper rolls for it, instead of purchasing any board?

    • ourcraftyhome
      ourcraftyhome says:

      We did leave the bobby pins in to hold it together, but it also kept it off the wall which gave it a great 3d effect. You probably could use toilet paper rolls, but paper towel rolls might work better as they’re longer. If you try it, please send a pic.


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