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After such a terrible winter, we were very worried that some of our bushes were going to be too damaged to come back this year. Fortunately, we have some very hardy ones! Every year we prune them to help the growth, but it seemed a shame to throw out their beautiful leaves. So Alberto brought in some of the clippings, and now we have a couple of bright spring arrangements for the house.


The arrangement on top of our new side table is from a great looking shrub we have in the front (we don’t know the actual name!). The second one is from the lilac tree we have in the back yard.

This idea works with pretty much any shrub or tree you have growing in your yard. We didn’t have that much to prune this year, so our arrangements are small. But you can go wild, with bigger branches of bright spring foliage (drama is always good!) This weekend we are trimming our wisteria a bit, so I’m sure we’ll have another one of these at home very soon.

So if you’re planning on doing some pruning this weekend, give this super easy idea a try…and bring some of the beautiful spring colors indoors!


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  1. China Lanier says:

    Very nice 😉 I envy you the Lilacs … too hot to grow down here in East TX.


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