The Flower Basket

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Tomorrow we’re going to visit a couple of friends we haven’t seen in a while. They are not drinkers (the reason we don’t see them often), so we didn’t really know what to take to their house. Our de facto host gift is actually not very crafty (a bottle of wine) but this won’t work for them.

We came up with the perfect gift while browsing at the garden shop this morning. After seeing a couple of very uninspired flower baskets, we decided to make one for our friends! We already had a few of these baskets at home and white spray paint, so all we needed was lining and a few flowers to put it together.

The entire project is really done is three steps:

  • First, we painted the wicker basket white so that the color in the flowers would pop!
  • Then we cut a liner to fit within the basket (we used a coconut liner).  The liner helps keep the soil in the basket so it doesn’t leak out the sides when you water it.
  • Plant the flowers in the basket!

We are expecting our friends to use this basket outside, so we used a porous liner. But if you’re keeping your basket inside, line the basket with a plastic bag first so the water won’t leak. Just be sure that the bottom and sides are covered.

This project is so easy, even Alberto can do it! And it makes a huge impact on your hosts!


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  1. Darcie says:

    Ok, I LOVE this idea … and it seems so easy to make. I was going to send flowers to a friend who’s laid up, but what a nicer gesture to make this … how cool… thanks guys.


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