Grandmother’s Christmas Tree

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OK…not necessarily a crafty post this time. While my mom was visiting us from Arkansas this past weekend, we were talking about the old ceramic Christmas tree that Grandmother Barton used to have at her house. Looking back, it seemed like we spent most of our weekends growing up hanging around the dining room at Grandmother’s house, my great-grandmother.  

Grandmother always had food when we arrived (especially the homemade ice cream sandwiches in the freezer).  She was a very warm and sweet person who loved to make things.  She could sew, knit, paint, refinish furniture, or do just about anything that she wanted.  She made several blankets for me and my sisters growing up, which I still cherish (but Alberto doesn’t want me to put out…)  She was the one person who taught me to sew and knit.  (I still have her knitting needles upstairs!)

But what made me think of her was that during the holidays she would always have a small tree in the living room and her ceramic tree in the dining room, right next to her kitchen.  I LOVED that ceramic tree, with it’s tiny color lights. I would always just stare at it when we’d go over there during the holiday season.  A few years ago, when Alberto and I were putting up the Christmas trees, I told him about that ceramic Christmas tree.

I soon asked my mother whatever happened to the tree, and she said she still had it in a closet.  Before Grandmother passed away twenty years ago, she gave that tree to my mother.  (It turns out that my mother had originally given it to Grandmother before I was born.)    Because Mom doesn’t use it anymore (she now has her mother’s tree), she asked if I wanted it.  Of course I said yes, and now it’s here in New Jersey with us.

Because the kitchen also seems to be the center of our home, we keep the tree in the kitchen, and it reminds me of Grandmother Barton every time I pass it.  Luckily, she also passed down some of her creativity along with the tree, and I will always be grateful.


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  1. Book Club Girl says:

    I grew up with a very similar tree in my parents’ house that I just loved and got myself a replica several years back at the Union Square Holiday craft bazaar in NYC. I display it on the top of our china cabinet in the dining room during the holidays. It was made by the Mud Pit in Brooklyn in case anyone is looking for one!


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