Christmas Napkin Holders (and Ornaments!)

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With our family here from North Carolina, we’ve been surrounded by family, which is always wonderful.  During the down time, I can’t help but wonder how crazy they must think we are with our Christmas decorations. I thought of this while I was looking at our tree in the dining room.  We have two silver ornaments of an A and B (for Alberto and Brent).  It made me smile because we made those ornaments years ago, for our second year in our first house. Here’s how we came up with them… 

We have always loved putting our first initials throughout our house (especially since they’re the first two letters of the alphabet), so Alberto came up with the idea of making napkin rings for our Christmas dinner that could be also used as tree ornaments.  We would make an ornament for everyone coming to dinner using their first initials — something that everyone could have as a keepsake of that Christmas!

We went to Michael’s (recurring theme!), and bought the letters and silver ribbon.  We simply spray painted the letters silver, and then glued the ribbon to the tops of the letters.

When we were setting the table, we threaded the napkins through the ornaments, and placed them on the plates at the appropriate places.  Our family loved them! It was a great way to make the holidays very personal, and every year since, we look upon the ornaments and smile.

Memories are one of the great things about the holidays, and this is one way to keep those memories alive!!


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  1. Kris Holsti says:

    Great idea . Planning a Christmas Dinner and was looking for something for our guests to take home and remember the day. Thanks!


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