Candy Apple (red) Christmas Wreath

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Alberto and I had wanted to make something shiny and fun for our front door Christmas wreath, like the one we did for our first Christmas together.  It was made with metallic gift bows in gold, silver and copper.  (We don’t have a picture of the wreath, but the matching trees that we made for the center of the table can be seen in our gallery!)  So we were off to Michael’s!

But when we got there, we couldn’t find the bows that we wanted, so we started our own treasure hunt going from (dollar) store to (dollar) store.  But we didn’t find anything…until we ran into some transparent candy apple red gift wrap! We were pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the Halloween wreath, so we decided on a new take of an old idea.  What spells Christmas more than red plastic gift wrap?  We bought three rolls, but Alberto wanted something to make it special…so, we were back to Michael’s for shiny ornaments!  (A Burberry spider wasn’t going to cut it this time!) We didn’t find gold like we wanted, but we did find something better…seafoam green ornaments!  I love the holidays!

Here’s what we used to make the wreath:

  • 3 rolls of red plastic gift wrap
  • 1 box of 8 seafoam green ornaments
  • 3 wire hangers
  • Florist wire (or any thin wire to attach the ornaments)

This is what we used to put it together:

  • Stapler
  • Pliers
  • Glue gun

Let’s make the wreath!

  • This step is exactly the same as the Halloween Wreath.
  • Straighten 3 wire hangers, attach them at one end and braid them together.
  • Attach the 3 braided hanger ends together to form the frame.

On to the gift wrap!

  • As you unroll the gift wrap, cut it into 6-inch wide strips.
  • Once you cut the entire roll into strips, cut each strip into 3 equal pieces.  These measurements don’t need to be exact.  You’ll be folding the wrap anyway to make the wreath. Repeat that last few steps for the other two rolls of gift wrap.
  • For each piece, pinch the wrap in the center of the rectangle.
  • Fold the gift wrap up around the center to make a floret.
  • At the pinched center, fold the point on itself and staple.

  • Finally, insert each floret into the wire frame staple first.
  • Twist the staple to secure the floret in place.
  • Repeat until you have a full wreath.

Cocktail Break!!

All this talk about red plastic wrap gave Alberto an idea.  He took a little tequila, triple sec and cherry juice (because we don’t have candy apple syrup!), and well . . .  I’m sure you’ll see a recipe soon.  While he’s in the kitchen, I’ll finish off the wreath.

Adding pizazz to a snazzy wreath!

  • For each ornament, remove the top used to hang the ornament to the tree.
  • Using the glue gun, put some glue into the hanger.
  • Replace the top back on the ornament.  The ornaments will be wired to the wreath, and we don’t want the wind to blow them off. Repeat on all of the ornaments.
  • Cut a piece of wire about 6-inches long and use it to thread the ornament to the middle of the wire and twist it once to secure it in place.
  • With the two ends of wire, attach the ornament to the wreath on the front.  I usually try to strategically place the ornaments in places where the wreath may seem a little thin. Continue until you’ve used all of the ornaments.

Now hang the wreath on the front door, and celebrate with a holiday cocktail!


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