Thanksgiving Table Runner

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After making the napkins, I wanted to add even more fall colors to our Thanksgiving table. I like table runners because they help us do this while still allowing the beauty of the table to show through.

Here’s what we needed to make the the table runner:

  • 2-yards of fabric (Our table is 5-feet x 5-feet, and we wanted the runner to hang over the edge slightly.  We also found a remnant that was just the right size.)
  • 1-yard of edging (Honestly, I don’t know what it’s called, but we wanted “jewels” on either end of the runner to dress it up just a little bit.)

This is what we needed on hand to finish it:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron
  • Scissors and pins

Creating the Table Runner!

  • First layout the fabric to look at the pattern.
  • The runner will be 14-inches wide, so decide what you want the main pattern to be for the runner. Once you decide the center of the pattern, measure 7 1/2-inches on either side.  (The total width of the fabric will be 15-inches so that you can have a 1/2-inch hem on either side.)
  • Cut the length of the fabric at 5-feet 4-inches. (Honestly you can make the length anything you want.  We were confined by the fabric remnant.)
  • Repeat with an additional piece of the fabric. (This is for the back of the runner.)

Sewing the Runner Base!

  • Place one of the pieces of fabric face up on the table. Next, place the second piece of fabric face down on top of the first piece.  Be sure to line up the edges.
  • Pin the two pieces of fabric together. And then take the two pieces of fabric, pinned together, to the sewing machine, and sew them together.  The thread should be about 1/2-inch from the edge.
  • Start from the middle of one side, and continue all around the runner.  Be sure to leave at least 6-inches open so you can turn the runner inside out.
  • After sewing everything, turn it inside out making sure to fully extend the corners.
  • Then turn the runner inside out, I usually go around the edges of the finished side to secure the edging.  This also allows you to close the 6-inch gap used to turn the runner inside out.

Time for a Cocktail Break!!

All that’s left of the runner is to add the jewels, and I’m feeling in the holiday spirit.  So I asked Alberto to come up with something festive.  I’m thinking nutmeg and rum.  I’m sure he’ll come up with something great.  Can’t wait to see!

Everyone Loves Jewels!!

  • First decide how you want the jewels to look on the end of the runner.  In our case, we wanted the longer beads with the lighter square bead on either end.
  • There were 11 beads within the 14-inch space which makes things easy.  I simply measured the fabric at 7-inches.  Then I placed the 6th bead on that mark and pinned it in place. (I placed the 6th bead in the center which left 5 beads on either side.  If you have any even number of beads, split the difference between the middle to beads to place in the center.)
  • For the remainder of the edging, stretch it out and pin it in place.  For the ends, I left about 1/2-inch of the edging on, folded it under and pinned it in place.
  • Once both ends are pinned, it’s time to go to the sewing machine.
  • Sew the edging onto the end of the runner.  I usually allow a little of the edging to hang over so the edging becomes the finished edge of the runner.
  • Once both ends of the runner have been sewn, it’s time to decorate the table!!

At this point, Alberto has returned with what he’s calling a Rum Caramel.  It sounds delicious, but tastes even better! I love the holidays!


4 Responses to Thanksgiving Table Runner

  1. Maria Goumas says:

    Hi I love this fabric n where did u get this fabric?

  2. Maria Goumas says:

    Also the beads where did u buy?

  3. Robbin says:

    You two are so CRAFTY !!!. love all crafts also love opening your web site and facebook,
    to see what is next.LOVE THAT DRUNKEN PUMPKIN. Have a good Holiday.


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