Striped Napkins

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We generally have everyone over to our house for the holidays.  Each year we spend about as much time on how the table will look as we do on the meal.  (Honestly, while Alberto is in the kitchen, the only only thing I care about is the table-scape. Thanks Sandra Lee!) 

We were at the fabric store a few weeks ago, and found a couple of really great fabrics in the remnant pile.  They were the perfect colors for the type of table we like to have, so we got them and decided to make new napkins and a runner for Thanksgiving dinner.  I think our table will look great!

Here’s what we needed to make the the napkins:

  • 1 1/2-yards of fabric (yes, that’s really it!) This much fabric will make eight 18×20-inch napkins.

This is what we needed on hand to finish it:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron
  • Scissors and pins

Cutting the Fabric!

  • Other napkins that we have are 18-inches by 20-inches, so we used that as a gauge for our hand made napkins.
  • Measure out rectangles of fabric 19-inches by 21-inches, and cut the fabric.  (We’re adding an inch all the way around because we need to create a double hem of about 1/4-inch all the way around.  If your fabric has a broad pattern and you want all of your napkins to look the same, you’ll need more fabric to make enough napkins.)

Sewing the Hem!

  • Place one of the cut pieces of fabric face down on the table.
  • Start in the center of one side of fabric. Fold the fabric over about 1/4-inch.  (I usually just eyeball this measurement) and then again, fold the fabric over another 1/4-inch and pin it. Repeat this last step until you have about 3 pins on each side.
  • Next, go over to your iron (on steam). All along the sides, fold the fabric and iron it in place.  This will DEFINITELY help you later.
  • On the corners, I first ironed one side, and then I folded the second side.  Once you’ve ironed the sides, your napkin is pretty much set.

  • Now, all that’s left to do is sew the hem in place.  I tried the place the thread close to the bottom of the hem to make it look finished. On the corners, I left the needle in the fabric when I turned it.  This ensures that the thread-line will look even.
  • Repeat for all of eight napkins.

This was very simple, and we didn’t even have time for a cocktail!  (Gotta save the calories for the big dinner!) Now we need to start on the table runner!!


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