Five Years Ago Tomorrow…

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The month of November is going by very quickly, and it’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week.  More importantly, our fifth anniversary is tomorrow!  I mention this because we went to look at a wedding venue with my brother-in-law and his fiance, and so naturally the conversation turned to our own wedding and advice. 

Planning a wedding is very difficult, but one of the few things that we did for the tables in our wedding was to stay true to who we are.  Because Alberto and I were married in the fall, our colors stayed within that scheme.  (Luckily for us, we love that color scheme, and you can see it throughout our house!)  One of the things that people think of with fall colors is that they’re so drab because of the browns, oranges and mustard yellows, but our reception tables were anything but…

We used Peruvian blankets in various colors as table runners.  This gave the room accents of pinks, oranges, reds, blues, greens, and yes, browns.  We didn’t want a lot of flowers because we were afraid of it looking too frilly, so our florist decided to make centerpieces from large terracotta bowls of fruits and vegetables, like papayas, avocados and grapes with flowers and a sheath of rice running through it (rice being my hometown’s cash crop).  The bowls of fruit and vegetables (which were edible) gave the tables a sense of bounty (hence Thanksgiving), and the blankets and flowers made the entire room vibrant and exciting.

Looking back, our reception was exactly us because of the unconventional way that conventional items were used:  blankets for table runners and fruits and vegetables for centerpieces.  You might say that the spark of creativity started with the planning of our wedding!

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday, and if you’re planning to decorate your holiday table, don’t be afraid to use things that might be perceived as unconventional — that’s what being crafty is all about!


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