A Spider in Our Halloween Wreath

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So on Saturday afternoon, we were relaxing with a glass of wine, when all of a sudden, horror struck! We totally forgot to decorate for Halloween…yes, we REALLY did forget to do anything!  AHHHHHH!

So, Brent channeled back to his elementary school teacher days and came up with a really simple way to make a Halloween wreath…with newspapers, spray paint and wire hangers! Oh the (gay) humanity . . .

Here’s what we used to make the wreath:

  • Newspapers
  • 4 wire hangers
  • Spray paint (We used black and brown.)
  • Cloth remnant (We used the remnants of the Burberry scarf!)

This is what we used to put it together:

  • String
  • Stapler
  • Pliers

Let’s make the wreath!

  • First, Brent undid the three hangers and straightened them with a pair of pliers.
  • Next, he secured them at one end.
  • Then he braided them until he got to the other end, and secured both ends together.

Now to the Newspapers!

  • We ripped a few newspapers into quarters until we had a few dozen pieces.
  • Taking the newspaper piece from the center, we simply crumpled each piece up into a floret shape and stapled them at the end.

  • We then inserted the floret into the wire braid, stapled end first. (At this point, you should really channel your inner homecoming float.) It took a lot of paper to finish going around the wreath but it looked really awesome. The braided wire should be tight enough to keep the paper secured to the frame.

  • Next, we painted the wreath — black.
  • After a few coats of black paint, we lightly sprayed a coat of brown paint to give it depth once it’s outside.
  • Then we lightly sprayed it again with black to make sure the color came through against our door.
  • But while the wreath was drying, I realized that it needed a little something more. We thought about giving the wreath a quick spray of orange paint, but we thought it was kind of lame.

When Burberry attacks!

We’ve been looking for something to do with the Burberry pieces of scarf that were left over from the pillows. (I wanted to make dog collars…) Instead, why not make a spider out of it?

  • We started on the legs by wrapping four pieces of the scarf around 8-inch sections of the wire hangers using a slip stitch.
  • Then, we took the rest of the scarf and sewed it into a tube.

  • Brent filled this piece with batting and slip stitched it together, trying to make the end rounded.
  • He folded the ends underneath and sewed them so that they were rounded.
  • Now to make the head, Brent takes one of the ends and goes down about 2-inches and ties a very tight knot around the cylinder, so that it makes a small round pillow. And that’s it, you have the body of the spider.

  • We attached the legs by sewing them on the body (the side the twine is on) and shaped them with a pair of pliers (wire hangers can be very tough to bend, so this tool is very helpful!)
  • To attach the spider to the wreath, we used the twine. We also used floral wire, to make sure the spider was secure enough to be outside.

There you go, a very stylish Halloween wreath! It may not be scary, but it is sure to make an impression on Halloween-ers! (In this town, kids are a tough crowd!)


4 Responses to A Spider in Our Halloween Wreath

  1. the kudzu queen says:

    How did I miss this yesterday? It is so much fun. The wreath looks great and the spider is incredible. Bravo!!!!!

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  3. Nancy King says:

    That is a neat idea!! Geesh, you guys are creative!!

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