Men vs. Glass

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We have been talking about the Patron tequila bottle for a couple of weeks now and the project we wanted to do with it, but it was not to be…

We wanted to make a lamp out of the bottle (we REALLY like the square shape of the base.)  We had already bought the shade and made the base of the lamp.  All we needed to do to finish it was drill a hole through the bottom of the bottle to insert the lamp kit and secure it to the base.

After picking up some carbide glass bits at Home Depot, Brent started drilling the hole through the bottle.

The first sign of trouble was when Brent’s cordless drill was not cutting through the glass fast enough. After about 20 minutes and MAYBE 1/32″ into the glass (no joke), Brent switched to the electric drill. I went off to get a glass of wine…

The drilling started going faster, but after another 20 minutes his drill started jumping all over the place.  The glass had loosened the bit out of the drill. He tightened the bit and went at it again…after another 20 minutes, he had to do it again.

In case you haven’t been following, Brent was well into an hour of drilling, and he had only drilled maybe halfway through the glass, about 1/4 of an inch.  After another ten minutes later (yes, at this point, we’re actually timing the freaking thing), Brent started seeing the bit break through the inside end of the bottle. But just when he was about to “break” through, he REALLY broke through…the entire bottle collapsed on his lap.

Luckily we have a spare bottle! (Of course)

After Googling the proper way to cut a hole into a bottle, Brent now starts again. He drills the new bottle with a 1/8-inch carbide drill bit, and it goes through perfectly fine. He then steps it up to 1/4-inch.  Easy! And now to 3/8-inch.  Done!  Up to 1/2-inch!  Almost through! But not really, another bottle is now broken…

A little fed up, Brent marches into the dining room opens the bar and pulls out a bottle of Maker’s Mark.  No, he didn’t drink it (that I know of…) He poured the contents into a glass and took the empty bottle to the backyard to try one last time.

He started with the 1/8-inch bit, and it went through perfectly as before. He added the 1/4-inch, and started drilling…until the bottle broke too! That was it! Project over! (Unless we wanted to finish the Stoli, but it was Sunday.)

Thinking back, it was definitely not a good weekend for glass in our house.  Over two days, we also ended up breaking two vases and two wine glasses during four separate occasions.

But there WILL BE a rematch!


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  1. Randall Turnage says:

    So funny Brent.

    I once decided to ‘save’ 60.00 for a plumber. I spent two days on the project, made 7 trips to home depot and spent about 100.00 for parts and tools that I needed.

    10 hours later the tub didn’t leak anymore. Whew!


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